How to Learn Guitar For Beginners Guide

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How to Start Learning Guitar Step by Step

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How to Learn to Play Guitar Online Guide

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How to Lower The Action on an Electric Guitar

The lower guitar is not only helpful for you; sometimes, it creates so many problems to play. However, for extra loud, the guitarist uses this action. If you have an electric guitar, then you should now the action of your guitar. Today, I will discuss this section. I hope that after reading this content, you have … Read more

Electric vs Acoustic Guitar For Beginner Pros and Cons

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What Equipment Do I Need To Play Electric Guitar

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How to Adjust Truss Rod Guitar Step by Step Guide

If your electric guitar or acoustic guitar is not adjusted perfectly of the neck, it will worst enough for you. However, you may spend lots of time to set up action and intonation; then it is vain. First, you must set up your truss rod. Adjust the truss rod and then play the guitar is really good enough. For … Read more