Electric vs Acoustic Guitar For Beginner Pros and Cons

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Electric vs Acoustic Guitar For BeginnerAre you a lover of the guitar? And wanted to know which is better for the beginner electric or acoustic guitar. I think this content remove your confusion. There are some advantages and disadvantages of the acoustic or electric guitar. If you are a beginner then you will know about the advantages or disadvantages of these guitars. Here, I discuss some major pros and cons. I hope that you can find your solution after reading this content.

Electric vs Acoustic Guitar For Beginner

For your aid, I talk some guitarists about the electric and acoustic guitar. I found some interesting pros and cons which helps you to make the right choice. So, without delay let’s get started…

Pros of Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic GuitarFirst and foremost, the cost of the guitar is an essential part of a beginner. It does not say actual acoustic guitar or instrument cheap rated. There are so many acoustic guitars provide you quality feature with cheap price. But I recommend that if you want to learn guitar seriously then you will purchase the rich feature acoustic guitar not focus on the price. But it is true that the guitar provides you lots of features with cheap price. I hope that you can understand about this section.

Focus only There

You should focus on the acoustic guitar. There are so many instruments you may need but all are not good enough for you. The accessories you should purchase at a cheap price but rich quality. Here are the good benefits of an acoustic guitar. I think you can understand this section. It is better than an electric guitar.


Most of the guitarist faces the challenge to carry the guitar. Normally, the acoustic guitar does not need any electricity to play any of the places. It made with low weight and this why you can easily carry an acoustic guitar. However, choose a portable guitar is another interesting thing for any kind of guitarist. If you are a beginner then you must move the guitar one place to another because of learning or other reason. For this reason, you should purchase a guitar which has good mobility.

So, I think as a beginner you should choose an acoustic guitar because of mobility. For better transform, you can also choose an acoustic guitar too.


Most of the acoustic guitar is comfortable to play. For the folk song, the country song you can comfortably play your song with an acoustic guitar. I think you can understand why are you choose an acoustic guitar for you?

Cons of Acoustic Guitar

There are some disadvantages too. An acoustic guitar is not suitable for rock songs. It is hard to play than an electric guitar. There are some problems too. I do not find so many major problems form an acoustic guitar.

Pros of Electric Guitar

Easy to Play

Electric GuitarMost of the guitar I can find easy to play. An electric guitar needs so many accessories which helps you to play the guitar easily. However, you need not waste so much energy to play an electric guitar. So, for better play and better tune, I recommend a beginner to learn electric guitar. Now in 2020, the electric guitar is more popular one of the reasons is that easy to play the songs. So, you may also try an electric guitar as a beginner.

Volume control

An acoustic guitar does not have these facilities. You can get a volume control panel which helps you to increase or decrease the volume level. All most all of the electric guitar has these facilities. For a beginner control volume is so hard and they frustrated to control it. However, an electric guitar saves your lots of time to control the volume. This why so many senior guitarist advice to learn an electric guitar. I hope that you can understand about this thing.

Rock and roll songs

If you want to play only for the rock, jazz, song then you should choose an electric guitar. Moreover, an acoustic guitar does not provide you perfect tune for the rock and jazz songs. But an electric guitar provides you perfect tune for the rock songs. You can also play the country, folk song with an electric guitar. So, it is your choice which types of the song you want to learn. I hope that you can understand why are you choose an electric guitar.

Attractive look

An electric guitar is more attractive than an acoustic guitar. The electric guitar made with high-quality material and design with genuine color. There are lots of people purchase an electric guitar because of the attractive look. And an attractive look always brings peach in mind. So, for peach in mind and décor, your home or other show you can choose an electric guitar without any hesitation.


An electric guitar durable and support you for a long time. Moreover, it is very important to every guitarist especially for the beginner to choose a durable guitar. The best-branded guitar always helps you to use the guitar for a long time. I hope that this thing also impresses you to learn the electric guitar. So, without any delay, you can choose the electric guitar.

Cons of an electric guitar

An electric guitar is costly and heavy. You can not move an electric guitar from one place to another easily. However, it also needs so many accessories to play the guitar. An electric guitar is also costly to repair. Despite this problem, you can get so many advantages from an electric guitar. I hope that you can learn and know so many important things.


For a beginner, you should know about the guitar which is best for you electric vs acoustic guitar for a beginner. There are so many advantages and disadvantages I found from an electric guitar or acoustic guitar. You should choose any of them. You may better know which songs you should play on. For folk songs, you should choose an acoustic guitar and for jazz, or rock songs you should learn electric guitar. So, learn the guitar the fast and easy way with an electric and acoustic guitar.

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