How to Start Learning Guitar Step by Step

Interested to learn guitar, if you are reading this article, then you already have the primary stage. It is a long time journey and no short cut. However, learning the guitar is intimating. It is normal for a beginner to have so many questions. Don’t be concern about how to start learning guitar? I am here to get started on the right foot. Amazing experience to learn guitar with the right step. So, follow some steps which I provide you with your start to learn guitar.

How to Start Learning Guitar

There are some common questions which my valuable users always asked. I think it is good enough for you and you can find out all of the questions answer.

1. Choose an electric or acoustic guitar

It depends on your personality. Completely depend on your music play whatever you can play. Both are unique and advantages or disadvantages. Generally, the electric guitar is lovest for the beginner because of easy to use and some advantages. The players with a small hand might also prefer an electric guitar for a better experience. The electric guitar is compatible with rock and DJ songs. Hopefully, it is a great choice for you if you are a beginner.

The acoustic guitar is preferable for folk music, country songs, and some other songs. The most advantages are that you can use it any of the places. More things are that it is less costly and not need any electricity—so many guitarist advice to use it if you are a beginner. However, if your budget is less, then you should afford an acoustic guitar.

What strings do I need as a beginner?

You’ll want to start a lighter string of gauge. The lighter string thinner produces less tension, and that reasons for easy to play beginner. I recommend you to set up string gauge .0009 inch to .042 inch it is preferable for electric guitar. Moreover, if you want to use it for acoustic guitar looking for a gauge .011 inch to .052 inch, for the better string, you should follow up the below things.

For an electric guitar string

An electric guitar string, you can set up nickel string with a clear, versatile choice for rock, jazz, and blues. The stainless steel metal brings string bright and less prone to wear. The electric guitar is a great choice for a beginner because of easy maintenance and learning in an easy way. For better learning, you may also start with electric starter guitar.

For an acoustic string Guitar

80/20 bronze for a bright sound. Enough for this guitar and vibrant highly for sound. So, the final talk is that the guitar is choosable for this 80/20 bronze. I think now it is clear to you.


Nothing is as vibrant or confusing for you or us. The volume of thickness and material offers at a music store. But honestly speaking, plastic picks are the most popular choice for a soft and comfortable grip. I recommend sticking stand to a standard size or shape. Moreover, ever you should use this thing properly.


A cable is broken your tone when you start your guitar. So, opt for stronger cable you should use and it’ size ideally 18.6 feet. The cables also lose your sound and handling noise. So, it should be used perfectly as you find the user manual or follow up on my guidelines.


A strap is essential for your instrument. However, the material you choose is left to your discretion. Choose a strap which at least 2 inches in width with additional padding. You will also need to purchase the strap button to secure the strap. Moreover, before you purchase any of the guitar, you should follow this step.


Last thing you should follow up. You will be capable of tuning your guitar more quickly with an electric tuner or pitch pipe. It is better if you try a chromatic tuner, which allows you to tune in any key. You need to attach these accessories when you tune your guitar. Hopefully, you can understand about the tuner which you need it.

Are my finger hurt?

Yes, as a beginner, you may fall this problem, but don’t be discouraged. You will improve your muscles and try to physical exercise. And, this discomfort and dull pain bring achievement, and you can reach your goal. I think you should not focus on these things. I think I explain it on your own.

All together

As a beginner, you should follow the above step properly and try it regularly. You should not skip any of the steps because of each step pitiful for you. All most all of the guitar advisers advise this method for a beginner. You can also remember all of the steps for your improvement. After a month you can see a good change in yourself. I never tell you that you may expert and play all of the tunes after reading this content. You should read more and more and especially practice it.


Q: How can I teach myself to play guitar?
A: So many steps you can follow to tech perfect and right way guitar. However, you should follow my guidelines because it is the best guitarist advice.

Q: What should a beginner guitarist learn?
A: So many essential things should learn as a guitarist. However, tune, string, strip, cable set up, and so many things should learn as a beginner.

Q: It is hard to learn guitar?
A: It is hard, but not impossible. You should learn guitar through a tutor or online platform—this why I have already told you about this matter.

learning guitar


Should you know the right way to learn guitar? If your answer is not, you read this content properly. I think your answer is yes. However, this informative content helps you to learn the basic guitar way. I think you should not think so much before learning the guitar. Start the guitar with my guidelines. I think it is good enough rules for you to teach a perfect guitar.

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