Best Pickup for Classical Guitar in 2021

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Best Pickup for Classical GuitarToday, I will discuss here who makes the best pickup for classical guitar in the market? And which brand is actually good enough for you? For finding your answer keep reading…

Are you looking for a good enough pickup for your guitar? Then you are coming to the right place. For your helping hand, I tried my best to find out the major five pickups that are truly good enough. You may stop your research because I already have done it for you. However, below all of the pickups are leading products in the market. There are so many seniors who also advise to choose them.

So, without wasting our time let’s get started…

5 Best Pickup for Classical Guitar in 2021

1. Luvay Guitar Pickup Classical Guitar

Luvay Guitar Pickup Classical GuitarThis is an awesome blended classical guitar pickup option. It is most of the people’s choice and they apply to their guitar of this pickup. There are lots of advantages I found from this model. However, this pickup size 5.3 x 11 x 0.4 inch, and also has a 10-inch long cord. This cord size an ideal size which also helps you to get a clear sound.

Moreover, easy to install just clip the soundhole and use it. This model really provides you the epitome of pure quality feedback resistance sound. This why I recommend you choose this model because of its quality features.


  • Perfect dimensions
  • Standard cord 10-inch
  • Clear sound quality
  • Easy to portable
  • Easy to install


  • The user manual is not clear

2. K&K Pure Mini Acoustic Guitar Pickup

K&K Pure Mini Acoustic Guitar PickupLet’s introduce another acoustic guitar pickup. K&K is a mini guitar pickup which has three transducer system. The steel-string able to provide you a crystal and clear sound quality. This model also included 1/4-inch endpin jack which is another good enough thing. It made with high-quality material which assures you to use this model for a long time.

However, this mini acoustic provides high output and you never need any battery. It is very simple to install and you need not any tools for installation. If you have enough money for choosing this model then you can choose it. I recommend you to choose this model because I found it durable and easy to maintain.


  • Have three transducer system
  • Have steel string
  • No need any tools for installation
  • Have 1/4-inch endpin jack
  • No need any batteries


  • Expensive

3. L.R. Baggs ANTHEM-SL Acoustic Guitar Pickup

L.R. Baggs ANTHEM-SL Acoustic Guitar PickupLet’s introduce the next one. This model has been creating an edge solution for amplification which is really good enough for clear sound. It has a volume control button which helps you to control your sound volume whatever you want from this best pickup for classical guitar.  You can control it with the mic level. It also needs a battery which is included.

Made with high-quality wood, metal, and some other materials. However, I also test this model and found the most interesting thing its sound quality. So, you can easily control it. I hope that you can understand about this model whatever I say to you about this product.


  • Have a volume control system
  • Used advance technology
  • Edge solution
  • Battery included
  • Produce quality sound


  • Very expensive

4. Luvay Acoustic Guitar Pickup

Luvay Acoustic Guitar PickupAre you looking for a volume control classical guitar pickup? Then surely you can choose this model. This model fits for any instruments. You need not need any plumber or manpower to install this model. You can get with this model a user-manual which helps you to install this model.

Moreover, this mini design comes from 10 feet long amplifier cord which is also the standard size and never hinder to produce the natural sound. Overall, it is good/clear/crisp sound quality and so many things. I hope that you may love this amplifier and enjoy a lot with your guitar.


  • Have standard cord
  • Easy to install any instruments
  • Easy to connect with classical guitar
  • Long time useable
  • Comfortable to use


  • Built-in by a long shot

5. L.R. Baggs ANTHEM Acoustic Guitar Pickup

L.R. Baggs ANTHEM Acoustic Guitar PickupThis is my final selection for you. There are lots of facilities you can get from this model such as…

L.R. Baggs ANTHEM has included TRU-MIC and element pickup which easily fits with your classical guitar and helps you to get the crystal and clear sound quality.

You can easily control this model volume because it used a master level and mic level control. So, to easily install this model you can choose it without any hassles. Another interesting thing is that it is a durable model so you can easily use it. I hope that this section helpful to you.


  • Easy to control volume
  • Easily adjust with classical guitar
  • Have TRU-MIC element
  • Easy to assemble
  • Produce natural tune


  • Not for starter

Buying Guide


When I research the pickups and talk to some users about the product installation they provide us a lot of information about the best pickup for classical guitar. However, they feel the installation problem. Lots of brands demand much money but do not provide an easy installation method. So, you should avoid them and find an easy installation method.


The second is that you should choose a standard size cord. However, most of the popular brands used a 10 ft long cord which is also standard size. If you want to choose a cord which is good enough for your guitar then you can choose a 10 ft size cord. I hope that this section also helpful to you.

Volume control

This is a very important part of a classic guitar. Moreover, all of the brands do not provide a volume control system. But I find some brand which provides volume control facilities. If you have enough money then you should choose volume control brands to a pickup which is also helpful for your guitar.

Easy to Play

This is my final tips and tricks for you. You can easily play your guitar if you choose the right pickup. It is really important to choose the right pickup. You may know that it is not easy to choose the right one. For this, I already selected this guitar. So, you can also choose the above product.

Best pickup for classical guitar FAQs

Q: What is the best pickup for a classical guitar?
A: There are so many brands that make the best pickup. But you can also choose the above list of products because all are good enough.

Q: Are soundhole pickup good?
A: Yes, for comfortable play it is good enough.


Choosing the best pickup for classical guitar is really important for playing the guitar perfectly. If you are a new person then you must need to choose a guitar pickup which is good enough for you. I hope that you enjoy a lot of this content. So, why are you late? Go to Amazon and choose your desire one.

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