How to Make Guitar Pickups Sound Better

Pickups are very important for classical, jazz, rock, acoustic, electric, folk, or any kind of guitar. However, it is really important to choose the right pickup and setup it properly before playing the guitar.

Today, I will discuss with you how to make guitar pickups sound better? I know that you are eagerly waiting for it. But before I start this content I tell you and request you please read the content carefully so that you can get a perfect solution for you. I assure you if you read this content carefully, then you are able to make guitar pickups sound better.

How to Make Guitar Pickups Sound Better

No one likes the bad sound quality guitar. So, without wasting our time let’s get started…

What are the pickups?

A pickup made for the guitar which controls the sound volume and helps guitar to produce the natural tune. A pickup also helps the guitar play comfortably. Without a pickup, the action makes too high and the guitarist do not easily use the guitar easily and comfortably. There are lots of benefits to a guitar.

Advantages of a pickup

There are lots of advantages I can find from a pickup they are:

  • Maintain the action
  • Maintain the volume
  • Comfortable to play
  • Protect the string of the guitar
  • Easily connect with any instrument
  • Others

How to make guitar quality sounds?

There are lots of things you should remember when you are wanted to get the sound quality good. You may know that pickups help the guitar to produce good sound quality. But you should need to follow some proper steps so that you can get good quality sounds.

In the below section I tell you some major step which you should follow step by step to make the sound better of your guitar with pickup.

So, let’s know about it.

Step 1: Choose a quality pickup

It is one of the major tips and tricks for you to choose the right pickup. There are lots of brands I found in the market but it is a matter of sorrow that all of the brands do not provide the right pickups and they also demand so much money

You should avoid this type of pickup. I also tell my previews content which brands actually work? But if you think you need more information you can visit my content. However, you should choose a pickup that is branded and really work. I hope that you can understand about this section.

Step 2: Cord

These is other tips and tricks for you. You should choose a standard cord size. When I research it I found so many sizes of the cord. But when I test the cord and talked some users about this section I found about 10 ft cord is good enough for playing the guitar.

However, if you want you can choose an 18 ft cord which is also good enough. But it is really important to choose the right cord size and you can choose any of them. I hope that this section also helpful for you to make the sound quality better.

Step 3: Control Volume

This is another important section. However, you can not find the control panel all of the pickups. I found some good enough pickups which have a control panel but very expensive. If you have enough money then you should choose a pickup which has a control panel.

The different brand has a different control panel. All are not a good control panel. If you read the product description deeply then you will see that the control panel is good enough for your guitar or not. So, choose a good control volume panel that actually works.

Step 4: Action

You may know that pickups also control the action. There are two types of action such as low and high action. Low action is really hard enough to play. High action also harmful to sound quality. So, you should keep the action medium level.

You can keep the action medium-range and the action helps you with this section. Good pickups truly work in this sector. There are so many guitarists who also used the pickup for controlling the action. I hope that you can remember this thing and apply it to get better sound quality.

Step 5: Connect properly

This is another important section for you. All most all of the pickup has a cord and jack which helps you to connect the guitar easily. But it is vain sometimes I found the pickups break the connection with guitar and it is a really bad thing for the guitarist.

However, you should connect the pickup right way and check the section so that you do not fall problems. So, connect the pickup correct way and get better sound quality. I hope that this section also helps you to get the better sound of your guitar.

Step 6: Pickup Location

This is my final tips and tricks for you. If you set up a pick exact position then you will easily get the better quality sound. You may agree that setup the pickup right position improves the sound quality. So, needless to say, you must set up the guitar pickup to the right location.

So, before you play the guitar please set up your pickup to the right position. I hope that you follow this section and improve your sound quality.


Finally, I hope that you can understand all of the things which I say to you about this content. Pickups are really important equipment for a guitar. It controls all of the things especially the sound. A good pickup really produces the sound good enough.

There are so many brands in the market. You should not focus on the price you should focus on the quality of the pickups. If you are a serious person to lear the guitar perfectly, then you will choose the high-quality brand which actually helps to improve your guitar sound quality. I hope that you follow the steps properly and enjoy it a lot.

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